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More important, perhaps, than the actual story of Ruins of Alpha, are the characters and the detailed backgrounds they have been given. Several minor characters (Damian, Lenore, Clara, etc.) have been fleshed out up to and past the point that the main characters have been. Because there are so many random snippets of information and knowledge about these characters, and because the world in which they live is becoming more detailed with every new substory and discussion, we created this Wiki.


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  • November 2005- First draft started
  • January 4, 2009- Mamian became canon

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Robert Maudlin (August 3, 2007 - November 12, 2025) was a friend of the Moonrise family, specifically Angelice, on whom he had a crush. He signed up to fight in the Tristan-Ranswurth war when he was 17 and was killed on the battlefield when he was 18. more