Robert Maudlin


August 3, 2007


November 12, 2025 (age 18)







Hair color

Dark brown

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Biography Edit

Summary Edit

Robert Maudlin (August 3, 2007 - November 12, 2025) was a friend of the Moonrise family, specifically Angelice, on whom he had a crush. He signed up to fight in the Tristan-Ranswurth war when he was 17 and was killed on the battlefield when he was 18.

Relationships Edit


"And, you know, if Maru turns out to be not as cool as you thought, I'm always a back up option! (Joking! Only joking!)"

- Robert, in a letter to Angelice, about her engagement.

Robert, though a few years older than her, had harbored a crush on Angelice since he was 16. He never told her, afraid it might ruin their friendship, but he did flirt a little. They communicated mainly through letters. He attended her and Maru's wedding.

Elena Edit

"I don't know if I agree with your plan yet but it is growing on me. Do be careful though."

- Robert, in a letter to Angelice, about Elena.

Robert and Elena were not as close as Robert and Angelice, but they were still friends. Robert was very concerned about her after she was revived, and even told Angelice that Elena was welcome to stay with him while Angelice was working out some issues.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume IV (future) (first appearance)

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