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Biography Edit

Summary Edit

Maru (b. 2010) was once an admirer of Queen Angelice and later her husband. He has now found his true love, a multiple-century-year-old male shape-shifter named Damian. Their's is the most popular ship in the entire series, hands down.

Relationships Edit


"He looked down at Maru and smiled a little at what he saw- Maru had the slightest curve of his lips. "Like something?" he asked gently, not wanting to scare him, and instantly saw Maru's pleased face change to embarrassment, a pink hue coming to his cheeks."

- Canfiction: EVEN MOAR MAMIAN

Damian is Maru's partner. They live in a little cottage in Tristan and often frequent the balls that the Blackyne family holds. Maru and Damian are a very interesting couple, often bickering. For more information, see Mamian.

Angelice Edit

"I don't know what it is. I just know I love you."

- Maru, to Angelice

Maru admired Angelice from a distance and Angelice eventually fell in love with him. They got married soon after, and lived happily together for a while. Sadly for Angelice, Maru fell in love with Damian later in the marriage, and ran away.

Adrien Edit

""Maru," he said, trying to sound seductive. It only made Adrien laugh again, only this time at the childish boy before him."

- Maru, at one of the balls

Maru and Adrien Blackyne had a short fling at one of the Blackynes' parties. Adrien and Maru had both been trying to make their boyfriends, Dorian and Damian, respectively, jealous.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume III: The Tulip (first appearance)
  • Volume IV (future)