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"You're a BEACON OF LIGHT! And a purpose for CAPS LOCKS!"''

- Matthew D, about Lara

Biography Edit

Summary Edit

Lara is one of the authoresses involved in the writing process of the Ruins of Alpha. Her main character is Elena. She also writes for Aliss and a few other characters. She's fairly pale and blonde. She enjoys drawing historically accurate 19th and 18th century dresses in her spare time and is very much a History Nerd. She is dangerously obsessed with Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. She has trouble ordering food for herself and calling home phones because you never know who will pick up. She hates seeing dishes sitting around in dirty water. She is often found sitting on people's laps. She is almost identical to Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Photographs of LaraEdit


Lara graces a photograph with her face.


Lara during the Edwardian era.

Lara is notorious for making silly faces in otherwise nice photos. Bonus points are awarded if she is slightly out of the frame. It is also common knowledge that Lara is a time traveler so we have many photographs of Lara from other centuries.

Although it is very rare, a normal photograph of Lara will occasionally turn up.

More often, photographs of Lara are of her wearing a sailor suit in a public place, or running around on roofs, or jumping on icy trampolines. She has also been known to switch clothes with her guy friends, dress up like a bohemian and go to Goodwill, and fangirl about anything and everything that is dorky. No photos exist of it, but Lara can often be found randomly bursting into German showtunes with her guy friend, harmonies included even if they're not completely sure of the words.

Half of the photos of Lara on Facebook are not actually Lara. Rather, they are old photographs of Bonnie and Clyde or muppets or 19th century paintings. Lara is responsible for 50% of these. Her awesome friends are responsible for the other 50%.

Interests and Dorky Fangirliness Edit

Lara fangirls:

Les Miserables, Spring Awakening, Victorian culture, peace, historical fashion, pretty stuff, fantasy, ghost stories and lore, Firefly, Glee, Supernatural, Death Note, Billy Elliot, Oliver Twist, movies and musicals about Mozart, Where The Wild Things Are, Lord of the Flies, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, vintage clothes, trinkets and antiques, Wikipedia, foreign languages, steampunk things, musicals and plays, pretty stage actors, foreign countries and the culture that goes along with them, minor characters, artists, and lots lots more.

She also likes some more specific things within these categories, like cameo necklaces and the sound of violins.


"Are you saying I talk gay because I mumble JUST LIKE Gideon [Glick] sometimes where you have a sentence that just becomes mush like I was going to this place andthenplckjklfjsfksja;fkdjs."

"Hang on. Let me search my computer for old timey photos.... I have lots!"


"Procrastination is the greatest muse."


One of Lara's hobbies is to make portmanteaus out of word combinations and then add "if you will" on the end.

Example: "I read it on one of those fandom specific Wikis. A spiki, if you will."

ROA Edit

Characters Edit

Lara has, as of December 16, 2009, created the following characters:

Aliss, Elena , Ambrose , Clara , Damian , Lenore, Avalona , Adrien , Doctor Engel, Frosta , Robert , and various super minor characters, including: Julian, Dorian, Jack, Claude, Miralle, Emile, Lila, and all of the extended family that you see on family trees.

As you can see from the names, Lara enjoys ending names with -ian for boys and -a for girls. She has recently been attempting to break away from this bad habit. Lara has a tendancy to randomly create characters out of the blue and not tell Amanda about them until much later.

Fanfiction, fanart, and substories Edit

Lara has posted, as of December 16, 2009, 21 fanfics, 2 fanartsy things, and 11 substories.

Lara is also responsible for starting the Random Ship Challenge. She compiled the complete list of shippings and made the generator.

She has recently planned a challenge that will start on December 22nd, the Blackyne Holiday Party Fanfic Challenge.

The November Revival: November-December 2009 Edit

During Summer '09, Lara created the Wikia and spent lots of time working on that in the wee hours of the morning. She wrote a little fanfiction but nothing really came of it... until November.

Amanda and Lara both decided that it was time for them to fangirl ROA a little again.

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