The First Draft: 2005-2006 Edit

In 2005, Lara and Amanda started a roleplay on the Neopets forums before the site became horrible. The next day, Lara realized that it had disappeared. She and Amanda quickly salvaged Volume II. To this day, Volume I remainds unfinished.

The rest of the First Draft went well until Amanda and Lara lost interest in it in the middle of Volume VI. Lara made the stupid decision of having them power through the story in 2006. It ended in complete and utter chaos. Neither Amanda nor Lara really wanted to clean up the mess, so they left it to rot on Proboards and went on with their lives.

The Rewrite: 2007-2008 Edit

A year later, Amanda and Lara decided to attempt to rewrite Volume I. It failed miserably. They managed to rewrite Volume II and began Volume III but soon lost interest again and let it rot away at Proboards.

During this time, Lara began to write many substories about Clara and Cephia's childhood.

In the summer of 2008, the term "Mamian" was first coined. The actual ship would not become canon until January 2009.

Mamian: December 2008-January 2009 Edit

ROA had a short but strong revival in late 2008/early 2009, mostly in January. No contributions to the actual story happened, but the characters of Maru and Damian were fleshed out very much and a huge amount of fanfiction was written about Maru and Damian.

Conversations between Lara and Amanda during this time looked something like this:

Amanda: Write me some Mamian fanfic!

Lara: Hahahahahah

Amanda: I'm serious.

Lara: Okay.

The November Revival: November-December 2009 Edit

(see November Revival)

During Summer '09, Lara created the Wikia and spent lots of time working on that in the wee hours of the morning. She wrote a little fanfiction but nothing really came of it... until November.

Amanda and Lara both decided that it was time for them to fangirl ROA a little again.