Gabriel Engel
Coward pestle


June 11th, 1991









Hair color

Dark brown

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Theme song

"Bang Bang" by Nancy Sinatra

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Gabriel Engel (b. 1991) is Angelice and Elena's godfather. He told the girls about their Quindici Regalo when they turned 15. Cephia and Aliss treated him like family until 2013, when they received a premonition that he was in danger. Indeed, after he fled the country, someone (Alpha is suspected) set his house on fire. From then on, Engel had to stay away from the family, though they still corresponded via letters. He currently lives with his assistant, Frosta, near a medical school in Alpha. His glasses are just for decoration because "people take [him] more seriously with them".

Relationships Edit

Cephia Moonrise Edit

Cephia and Gabriel met in 2003 on a train to the Tristan academic summer program. Cephia was there merely to spy for Alpha (and also to see how his sister was doing) and happened to be enrolled in the same class as Gabriel- medical. The two were roommates and had a summer fling in both 2003 and 2004. Engel was devastated when Cephia did not attend classes in 2005, as he was hunting for Aliss. Gabriel sent Cephia letters, fearing that something had happened to him, but Cephia hid them from Aliss in shame and did not reply. Gabriel eventually found out and paid Cephia a visit shortly after the twins were born. After sending him away, Cephia told Aliss about the fling and Aliss had him invite Gabriel back to the house for dinner. They made up with Aliss' help.

Aliss Moonrise Edit

Aliss, along with making Gabriel and Cephia sort out their problems, was the one that suggested Gabriel be the girls' godfather. She and Gabriel became friends and the family treated him like an uncle. Aliss and Gabriel were perhaps closer than Cephia and Gabriel were later in life. She always made sure he was welcome and allowed him to come and go as he pleased.

Frosta YatesEdit

Frosta Yates is Gabriel's apprentice and he treats her a bit like a daughter. She and Jack Yates, her brother, were orphaned at an early age and Gabriel found them squatting in a deserted building that he was going to use as a place to help a sick woman. He saw that Frosta was caring for Jack, who was ill at the time, with natural talent and decided to take the two under his wing. Frosta lives with Gabriel.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume III (first appearance)