Clara Blackyne


December 19, 1985




  • Queen consort of Tristan
  • Princess of Alpha



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Biography Edit

Summary Edit

Clara Blackyne (née Moonrise) (b. 1985) is the daughter of Alpha. She is Cephia's sister and is married to Ambrose Blackyne. She has two children, Avalona Blackyne and Adrien Blackyne.

Stability Edit

Clara's time distortion powers were very unstable as a child. Alpha never trained her in that area because he thought it was a useless power. When she stopped training as an assassin for Alpha, she began studying time distortion and throughout her teenage years, she trained herself until she had mastered the power.

Relationships Edit


"You're going to leave me with father? couldn't! I'll go nuts without you! You can't just leave me here!"

- Cephia, to Clara

Cephia, being Clara's brother, also had to grow up with Alpha. Because he was male, Alpha was harder on him. Cephia and Clara grew very close, telling each other most of their secrets. When Clara told Cephia of her plans to elope with Ambrose, he made her promise that she would come back and rescue him from Alpha. Clara was never able to come back for Cephia, and the siblings do not speak much anymore. Cephia wants to keep Clara away from his family, though Clara wishes she could apologize for their past.

Ambrose Edit

"We can make it work! Just imagine it."'

- Clara, to Ambrose

Clara and Ambrose started writing to each other when Clara was 15. They had met the previous year on a trip to Ambrose's homeland, Tristan. By the time Clara was 16, they were romantically involved. She wanted to run away with him, but he had to fight in a war. Luckily, the war was over by the time she was 19, and they successfully were married and Clara moved to Tristan, assuming the position of queen consort.

Alpha Edit

"Alpha is a horrible person and I hope he rots in hell."

- Clara, never

Alpha created Clara from the earth and trained her from a young age to be an assassin. When she disappointed him, his punishments were severe. He eventually grew frustrated with Clara, and decided to train Cephia full time. Though free from his training, she could still not be independent. She never told him of her engagement to Ambrose, knowing he wouldn't approve.

Avalona Edit

"Avalona wondered why she didn't know any of her relatives. She would have to ask her mother about them."

- Substory: Lockets

Avalona, Clara's only daughter, resembles her mother in more ways than just her looks. Avalona is very curious, which is bad, seeing how Clara won't tell her anything. Clara didn't want to tell Avalona about Alpha or Cephia, and Clara herself didn't know about Angelice and Elena for a very long time. In the end, Avalona and Clara are very distant from each other.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume I: Escape the Moon (first mentioned)
  • Volume IV (future) (first appearance)