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June 29, 2023 (age 34)


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Biography Edit

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Cephia Moonrise (1989 - June 29, 2023) was the son of Alpha. He married Aliss Newell and had two daughters- Angelice and Elena. He was murdered by his wife, who had been possessed by Alpha.

Relationships Edit

Clara Blackyne

"You're going to leave me with father? couldn't! I'll go nuts without you! You can't just leave me here!"

- Cephia, to Clara

Cephia, being Clara's brother, also had to grow up with Alpha. Because he was male, Alpha was harder on him. Cephia and Clara grew very close, telling each other most of their secrets. When Clara told Cephia of her plans to elope with Ambrose, he made her promise that she would come back and rescue him from Alpha. Clara was never able to come back for Cephia, and the siblings do not speak much anymore. Cephia wants to keep Clara away from his family, though Clara wishes she could apologize for their past.

Alpha Edit

"But we have different rules, you and I, so I must follow my rules. And that includes not questioning my father."

- Cephia, about Alpha

Alpha created Cephia from the earth and trained him from a young age to be an assassin. When he disappointed him, his punishments were severe. Cephia was not supposed to marry anyone because Alpha didn't want him to share the throne. Cephia was killed by Alpha.

Aliss Moonrise Edit


- Cephia or Aliss

Cephia and Aliss had contact as children through visions. When Alpha tried to kill her in her senior year of high school, Cephia saved her and took her to the island of Alpha. They later got married.

Gabriel Engel Edit

Cephia and Gabriel met in 2003 on a train to the Tristan academic summer program. Cephia was there merely to spy for Alpha (and also to see how his sister was doing) and happened to be enrolled in the same class as Gabriel- medical. The two were roommates and had a summer fling in both 2003 and 2004. Engel was devastated when Cephia did not attend classes in 2005, as he was hunting for Aliss. Gabriel sent Cephia letters, fearing that something had happened to him, but Cephia hid them from Aliss in shame and did not reply. Gabriel eventually found out and paid Cephia a visit shortly after the twins were born. After sending him away, Cephia told Aliss about the fling and Aliss had him invite Gabriel back to the house for dinner. They made up with Aliss' help.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume I: Escape the Moon (first appearance)
  • Volume II: The Twins (mentioned only)
  • Volume III: The Tulip (as a ghost or spirit)