Avalona Blackyne


March 24, 2008







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"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper

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Avalona Blackyne (b. 2008) is the daughter of Clara Moonrise and Ambrose Blackyne. She is Angelice and Elena's cousin, and she has no magical powers.

Personality Edit

Avalona is very curious, mainly from being left in the dark for the majority of her life. She had no idea about any of her mother's family until she was about 15. Avalona is very self aware and polite when in the company of her parents, thanks to years of etiquette classes, but can be wild and unruly when with her brother or friends.

Relationships Edit


"Avalona wondered why she didn't know any of her relatives. She would have to ask her mother about them."

- Substory: Lockets

Avalona resembles her mother in more ways than just her looks. Clara didn't want to tell Avalona about Alpha or Cephia, and Clara herself didn't know about Angelice and Elena for a very long time. In the end, Avalona and Clara are very distant from each other.


"Knowing his door would be locked, she grabbed a key he had given to her and only her. She felt pretty special to have the only other key to his room."'

- Substory: Rainbows

Avalona and Adrien are best friends because they don't have many other friends. He has made it his duty to help his little sister and himself see the world now that he is old enough to leave the nest, and she appreciates that.


Maru: How wonderful is she?

Avalona':' I don't know. I've never met her.

- Avalona, about Angelice

Although the two were cousins, Avalona didn't know about Angelice until she discovered her mother's side of the family. She attended Angelice and Maru's wedding and expressed some interest in Maru, which upset Angelice.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume IV (future) (first appearance)