Angelice Cynefriede


September 14, 2009


Angie, Angalee





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Dirty blonde

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Angelice Cynefriede (b. 2009) is the older twin daughter of Aliss and Cephia. After Aliss and Cephia are murdered by Alpha, Angelice takes over the throne. She is the caretaker of her twin, Elena, who is mortally and eternally wounded after being reawakened from the dead. Her personality is dynamic, seemingly withdrawn at first, but developes into a strong confidence. She is a philosopher and a dreamer - this comes in handy given the situations handed to her and her sister, Elena. She falls in love with Maru in V.IV, after escaping Alpha as Manuel.

Relationships Edit


"I don't act like you're any younger than I am! I have to look out for you because you're so fragile! I don't want you to get hurt!"

- Angelice

Elena is Angelice's twin sister. The two act like sisters- they fight often, but love each other nonetheless. Angelice is, in Elena's mind, too overprotective. Because of her fragile mentality, Elena often snaps at Angelice. In the end, they love each other dearly and would give anything for each other.

Maru Edit

"I don't know what it is. I just know I love you."

- Maru, to Angelice

Maru admired Angelice from a distance and Angelice eventually fell in love with him. They got married soon after, and lived happily together for a while. Sadly for Angelice, Maru fell in love with Damian later in the marriage, and ran away.


"In his arms, I felt protection, warmth, and guidance. It was with this guidance that I learned how to work, struggle, accomplish, lead, and eventually guide others."

- Angelice, at the funeral

While Elena was close to Aliss because the two were so similar, Angelice and Cephia shared personality traits that made them closer as well.

Aliss Edit

"You can stop calling her Aliss now. I'm sure she would appreciate 'Mommy'."

- Elena, about Angelice's previous coldness to her mother

Aliss and Elena got along much better than she did with Angelice to begin with. Angelice witnessed her mother, possessed by Alpha, kill her father. This, obviously, gave Angelice a reason to hate her mother. At their funeral, Angelice refused to say a eulogy for Aliss. She later found how the truth about her mother and, while she was still closer to her father, she seems to get along with Aliss's spirit whenever she sees it.


"Let go or I will send you to the bloody hell you've put my sister and me through."

- Angelice, to Alpha

Angelice's feelings about her grandfather, Alpha, are less than warm. She hates him with a passion for all of the grief he has caused her. She thinks of him as a monster.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume II: The Twins (first appearance)
  • Volume III: The Tulip
  • Volume IV (future)