Amanda G.




Manders, Alina, Tantor, Bertha, Big Butt, Amanza, Vader, Uhmonda, Banana, Nana





Hair color

Dirty blonde

Eye color


Physical magic

No information

Spiritual magic

No information


- Lara

Biography Edit

Summary Edit

Amanda G. is one of the authoresses involved in the Ruins of Alpha epic-iligy. Her main character is Angelice. She also writes for Cephia and a few other characters. She's pretty tall.



"I feel poetically constipated."

"let's make a new character whose sexistence is meaningless save the fact that he is straight so that he will balance out the....nvm."

"Can we end ROA with an asteroid?"

ROA  Edit

Characters Edit

Amanda has, as of December 16, 2009, created the following characters:

Angelice, Maru, Cephia, Alpha, Jahi, Alexander, and maybe some others that Lara cannot recall at the moment.

Amanda is more likely to reuse old characters than create new ones randomly like Lara does.

Fanfiction, fanart, and substories Edit

Amanda has posted, as of December 16, 2009, 8 fanfics, 4 fanartsy things, and 1 substory.

Amanda more often is the reader of Lara's fanfiction, which is quite a task when Lara is writing fanfiction all over the place because of her lack of life.

Favorites (as of 12/16/09) Edit

Characters: Cephia, Robert, Engel

Het ships: Elena/Damian, Lenore/Damian, Elena/Robert

Slash ships: Damian/Maru, Cephia/Engel, massive orgy of every male character!

Femmeslash ships: Elena/Angelice, Elysia/Elena, Angelice/Frosta

Canon ships: Damian/Maru, unrequited Elena/Robert, Lenore/Damian, Engel/Cephia

Noncanon ships: Mutual Robert Maudlin/Angelice Moonrise, Mutual Robert Maudlin/Elena Moonrise, Maru/Damian/Adrien threesome!, Angelice Moonrise/Frosta Yates

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