Aliss Moonrise


April 3, 1988


June 29, 2023 (age 35)




Queen consort



Hair color

Light blonde

Eye color

Dark blue

Physical magic


Spiritual magic

Visions of current things going on (in different places)

Family members

Biography Edit

Summary Edit

Aliss Moonrise (née Newell) (April 3, 1988 - June 29, 2023) was born in California, USA. Cephia tried to save her from his dad and then they fell in love and it was cute and then they got married and then she was queen. She had two daughters, Elena and Angelice.

Relationships Edit



- Cephia or Aliss

Cephia and Aliss had contact as children through visions. When Alpha tried to kill her in her senior year of high school, Cephia saved her and took her to the island of Alpha. They later got married.

Elena Edit

"My mother was an incredible woman."

- Elena at Aliss's funeral

Aliss and Elena got along much better than Aliss and Angelice. Angelie and Cephia, similarly, got along better than Elena did with Cephia. Elena read Aliss's eulogy for both twins when Angelice refused to.

Angelice Edit

"You can stop calling her Aliss now. I'm sure she would appreciate 'Mommy'."'

- Elena, about Angelice's previous coldness to her mother

Aliss and Elena got along much better than she did with Angelice to begin with. Angelice witnessed her mother, possessed by Alpha, kill her father. This, obviously, gave Angelice a reason to hate her mother. At their funeral, Angelice refused to say a eulogy for Aliss. She later found how the truth about her mother and, while she was still closer to her father, she seems to get along with Aliss's spirit whenever she sees it.

Appearances Edit

  • Volume I: Escape the Moon (first appearance)
  • Volume II: The Twins (mentioned only)
  • Volume III: The Tulip (as a ghost or spirit)