"Adrien's a health hazard to everyone... too damn sexy."

- Amanda

Adrien Blackyne


January 14, 2007


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Biography Edit

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Adrien Blackyne (b. 2007) is the son of Clara Moonrise and Ambrose Blackyne. He is Angelice and Elena's cousin. Angelice and he organized a marriage between him and Elena so that Angelice would be able to deal with her own marriage to Maru. It was a nonsexual marriage of convenience, seeing how Elena would forever be 14 years old and Adrien was gay.

Personality Edit

Adrien has a very relaxed personality. He really doesn't care, likes to avoid blame and punishment, and is usually very calm.

Relationships Edit


"Knowing his door would be locked, she grabbed a key he had given to her and only her. She felt pretty special to have the only other key to his room."'

- Substory: Rainbows

Avalona and Adrien are best friends because they don't have many other friends. He has made it his duty to help his little sister and himself see the world now that he is old enough to leave the nest, and she appreciates that.


Avalona: Where's Dorian? And we can't leave our own party.

Adrien: We can disappear. Dorian is off wooing ladies and lords. I could care less where he goes after this.

- Avalona and Adrien, about Dorian

Dorian was one of Adrien's previous boyfriends. They were not very serious and Dorian was often flirting with other people. Dorian attended a party with Adrien and ended up dancing with Damian.

Julian Edit

"I know that, for you, kisses are like handshakes, but they mean something to a lot of people. Okay?"

- Julian

Julian was Adrien's boyfriend when he was around 16 years old. They broke up due to Adrien's flighty nature but later got back together when they were 19.

Maru Edit

""Maru," [Maru] said, trying to sound seductive. It only made Adrien laugh again, only this time at the childish boy before him."

- Maru, at one of the balls

Maru and Adrien had a short fling at one of the Blackynes' parties. Adrien and Maru had both been trying to make their boyfriends, Dorian and Damian, respectively, jealous.

Elena Edit

Adrien's cousin Elena was betrothed to him for handiness. Elena, who would forever be fourteen years old and very fragile in health, was a burden on Angelice, who was trying to get used to her duties as queen and Adrien was considered the safest man to marry her to, seeing how he was gay and got along with Angelice well.

Appearance Edit

  • Volume IV (future) (first appearance)